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Superintendent's Summer Reading Challenge 2017

Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Experts agree that children who read during the summer months keep their reading skills sharp and are better prepared for the challenges of the next grade level. With this in mind, Dolton School District 149, is happy to provide all summer school students with books and activity sheets designed to motivate them to read this summer.

This book pack will also provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time with your child while you help to build their comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. The tips for families listed on the reverse side of this letter provide strategies and suggestions to help you make the most of summer reading opportunities. There are lots of fun ways to extend the learning and incorporate reading into vacation time!

In addition a summer reading blog will be available for students to share their stories and pictures of themselves reading on our website.  Please join us by participating on our reading blog by commenting below. We want to hear all about your child’s reading experiences. 

I hope that by exposing children to exciting books written by popular authors, featuring a wide range of engaging characters, we can encourage all Dolton School District 149 students to become lifelong readers and learners.

Dr. Shelly A. Davis-Jones



Summer Reading Tips for Parents

1. Read aloud together with your child every day.

Make it fun by reading outdoors on the front steps, patio, at the beach or park. Also, let your children read to you. For younger children, point out the relationship between words and sounds.

2. Set a good example!

Parents must be willing to model behavior for their children. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Turn off the TV and have each person read his or her book, including mom and dad.

3. Read the same book your child is reading and discuss it.

This is the way to develop habits of the mind and build capacity for thought and insight.

4. Let kids choose what they want to read, and don't turn your nose up at popular fiction.

It will only discourage the reading habit.

5. Buy books on tape, especially for a child with a learning disability.

Listen to them in the car, or turn off the TV and have the family listen to them together.

6. Take your children to the library regularly.

Most libraries sponsor summer reading clubs with easy-to-reach goals for preschool and school-age children. Check the library calendar for special summer reading activities and events. Libraries also provide age appropriate lists for summer reading.

7. Subscribe, in your child's name, to magazines like Sports Illustrated for KidsHighlights for Children, or National Geographic World.

Encourage older children to read the newspaper and current events magazines, to keep up the reading habit over the summer and develop vocabulary. Ask them what they think about what they've read, and listen to what they say.

8. Ease disappointment over summer separation from a favorite school friend by encouraging them to become pen pals.

Present both children with postcards or envelopes that are already addressed and stamped. If both children have access to the Internet, email is another option.

9. Make trips a way to encourage reading by reading aloud traffic signs, billboards, notices.

Show your children how to read a map, and once you are on the road, let them take turns being the navigator.

10. Encourage children to keep a summer scrapbook.

Tape in souvenirs of your family's summer activities picture postcards, ticket stubs, photos. Have your children write the captions and read them and read them aloud as you look at the book together.



Summer Reading Challenge 2017

Date Subject Posted by:
06/13/2017 Today I read the first two chapters of Big Nate Strikes Again. In the first chapter Nate, Teddy, and Francis saw a bulletin board and on the bulletin board there were baby pictures on it of the students in the school and Nate tried to figure out what picture was Teddy's but then he came across a picture he thought was Jenny's, the girl he likes, but it was actually Gina's, the girl he doesn't like. In chapter two the bell rang and it was time to go to homeroom and the teacher, Mrs. Godfrey, had assigned seating in the classroom and Gina was sitting right behind Nate. Then, Mrs. Godfrey pulled out her blue folder that was for special projects. She gave the project they had to do and she said she would pick randomly and Nate got stuck with Gina. That's it for today and I will update you when I read more.
Chidiogo Odeluga
06/14/2017 Thank you for every books you gave me Dr. Jones Dear; Dr. Jones Books that you gave me was good The first chapter that I read is nate he looked at the bulletin board it was everybody baby picture from 1st to 7th people was chunky at nate baby picture.
Damon M
06/14/2017 Dear Ms.Davis Thank you for the books. I really enjoyed the books you made available for me.so my summer is filled with reading.(one thing you may not know about me is that i love reading)well let me stop talking about you and me.And start talking about the book.So, the book i read is called BIG NATE STRIKES AGAIN.And it is very interesting. the auothers purpose is very nice.the book is funny a little
Taylor B.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis thank you for the books you gave us.The things I know from the book is that there is a young boy called "Nate" has a crush on a young girl called "Jenny" and he found a board that said" Guess The Baby" and he thought a picture that he saw and thought that it was jenny but little did he know that the picture that he saw was the least person that he liked,and her name was "Gina".Gina was alays getting good grades and bragging,I can compare myself with nate because I hate it when people brag, but I can also compare myself with gina because I love to show off my work. But I thought that the book that you provided for me called"Big Nate" was awsome.And I just want you to know that I am grateful for the books that you provided me with. Thank You Dr. Davis.
Ra'kiya D.
06/14/2017 Thank you Dr Davis for the books. The book that I reading is BIG NATE STRIKES AGAIN .I am at the first chapter. it start off when teddy and nate teddy is nate best friend. they where looking at the bulletin board yhe peol
Aaliyah A.
06/14/2017 DEAR Ms. Davis THANK YOU !!!! for the book's you gave us. the book i'm reading is BIG NATE. It is so i interesting . But to get started my opinion is that BIG NATE STIKES AGIAN i think it is very cool and my favorite part is when genia and nate seat next to each other and had to sit here for the rest of the school
06/14/2017 Dear Mrs.Davis, Thank you for the books that you made available for me and I am emailing you to let you know that I really appreciate the things that you do for me. So the book that i am reading is called Inside Out & Back Again and it is a very good book the book relates to me very well the book is talking this thing called Tet and it is a day where thr children eats sugary lotus seeds and glutinous rice cakes and then they wear their new clothes underneath but thank you Mrs.Davis we love you!!!
Kanija C
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Thank u for the books! But I didn't read them yet because I need to read my libray books first but the least I can do is tell u about the book I reading now.The book Im reading now is called Naruto it is about a young shinobi(ninja) with an incorrigible knack for mischeif so that he can get attention.He doesn't have any attention because he has a nine tailed demon inside him wich makes everyone hate him.This is all I can tell right now because there is alot of pages and I mean alot.
Jeffery Bradshaw
06/14/2017 Dear Dr. Davis - Jones, I love my Reading pack . I read The chapter book of Freddie Ramos makes a splash and it was about a girl name Erika. She was a THIEF because at the first part Erika had took someones wallet and Freddie had took it and give it back to the girl that had lost it. Then they realized that they knew Erika from their summer camp and then Freddie had powers shoes. THANK YOU FOR THE BOOKS Ariell
Ariell robinson
06/14/2017 Dear Dr Davis Jones I love my reading pack I read the chapter book Freddie Ramos makes a splash. It was about First a girl stole some thing. He had to use his zapato power to catch her. and he did ! second , He stepped in bubblegum. Third he find his book bag after he lost it. It was an exciting story, I loved it. Thanks, Elijah
Elijah M.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis-Jones i love my reading pack i read the chapter book Freddle Ramos makes a splash it was about a girl that was a bully and about Freddie's shoes he lost them. My favorite part is he found the shoes. Thank you for the books, Meijah
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Jones, I love my reading pack.I read the chapter book Freddie Ramos makes a splash.It was about a boy that had zapato power and he got gum stuck in the bottom of his shoe.When he fell he saw a pink purse.He found who's it was.One day at his summer camp he lost his zapato shoes that were in his white backpack.At the end of the story he found his backpack.Thank you sooo much for the reading packet. Im going to read every story. Sincerely, Terrennaiya
06/14/2017 -Dear Dr Davis Jones I love my reading pack I read the chapter book Freddie Ramos make A splash it. it was about his zapato prower and saving the day,swimming class. my favorite part is when he got his shoe fixed. It was a good book. Thank you for the books from Solomon -
06/14/2017 Dear Dr Davis Jones i love my reading pack. I read the chapter book Freddie Ramos makes a splash book. it was about how Freddie found a wallet and he asked a girl if it was hers and she said no but it is not yours and she took it from him and rode off on her bike and he got it back. Thank you for the books. your friend, Markai
06/14/2017 Dear Dr Davis- Jones I love my reading pack.I read the first chapter book. Iit was about this girl stealing his stuff. Freddie has sneakers and hes fast. She Took his book bag that he needs that for putting its face in water his goggles and his towel and fast shoes are in it. He solves the mystery. I really liked the book. Thank you, Victor
06/14/2017 hi today i read half of chapter 1 of big Nate i could not read the whole chapter because it was my bed time because i had a lot to do but thank you for the books even i didnt read it all i already know there good books thank you for the books again bye
Heaven E.
06/14/2017 Thank you so much Dr.shelly for all the cool books. The book i read was big Nate by Lincoln Peirce.In big Nate this kid named nate and hes frieand teddy and francis was trying to be the best but his enemy was trying to sop him
06/14/2017 Thank you so much Dr.shelly for all the cool books. The book i read was big Nate by Lincoln Peirce.In big Nate this kid named nate and hes frieand teddy and francis was trying to be the best but his enemy was trying to sop him
06/14/2017 I gest wanted to say thank you for the books. I like the book My life as a book it is funny. When I was reading the book the boy sounded like me and my sister. I gest started reading the book so I don't know much about but I will up date you.
Kennedi J.W
06/14/2017 thank you Dr. Shelly Davis-jones for the cool books the book I Readed was Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce in the story
Cormontie R.
06/14/2017 Thank you Dr. Shelly Davis - jones for giveing me a change to read all of the books. today I read the book called NAT THE GREAT I only read 3 chaper 1
Collin S
06/14/2017 Thank you , superindent davis jones . For all the books i can read over the summer break . the book i read "inside out and back again . its about a girl goin into a forest . and the girl I read the first chapter last night and the second today the person who made the bookk was Thanhha Lai. the book is abouta girl going into a forest and she have to find her why back home.
Mardeja . T
06/14/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, love my reading pack. In Bad Kitty I read two chapters. So far he kept getting a ticket for not having a leach and for not cleaning up the poop because that that bad kitty did not have a day so they made out of there alive before they got the leach. And they forgot the leach .then the officer caught them and gave them a ticket .then they got to the park and there was no dogs aloud. then they went to the dog park and then he met a girl dog and the girl dog started to flirt withe him and she called hem her boyfriend.
Tranelle G.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, i love my reading pack. in bad kitty i read two chapters. so far that the bad kitty had to make a mess in the house and the dog and the man and ran out the house and the police said do you have a leash for that dog and the man said no theirs a bad kitty in my house because my dog said the bath word and my kitty and cat was going crazy and i was in a hurry and i forgot my dog's leash. i need to see that dog with a leash on then they walked to the park and the police came again and he said two the dog can't you read and the man said my dog can't read a sign then the polce gave the man a other ticke and the man said thank you ofersir.
Eunique R.
06/14/2017 Thank you. doc davis jones. the title of my book is My life as a Book it is a boy that don't like reading books and he is avooiding his mother and he don't want to waste time the librarian said to him that he said that he liked it but he didn't like it
Travon L. Goss
06/14/2017 Thank you for the books I was reading one book it's called BIG NATE it's a very good book i really like it the Author Lincoln Peirce it reminds me when I was little i always had fun as a little kid
Terrance S.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Jones I love my reading packet. bad kitty i read two chapters so far. The owner brings a dog home and it was the same day that they cancel Kittys favorite tv show, Claw and Order. So Kitty was mad!!!! And then Uncle Murray and Puppy ran out of the house. Then he got a ticket for not having a leash on the dog. I still have three more chapters to read. I will blog again asap. Nathaniel
Nathaniel B.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr. Davis-Jones, I love my reading pack. I read Bad Kitty, Puppys big day. The first walk the puppy had was interesting. First, the dog didn't have a leash, Then, the Uncle got a ticket, and then the dog was going to the bathroom and the Uncle didn't have a bag to pick it up so he got another ticket. Then after that ticket, he got another ticket because the park said, no dogs allowed. Its a very funny book so far. I will write again. +++++++++++++++++---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Heavenly J.
06/14/2017 Thanks so much for the awesome books! In Bad KItty, there was a man and a puppy. They had to go to the park to get away from Bad Kitty. The man got three tickets from the policeman for not having a leash, and not cleaning up the dogs mess and for not having a license. It was a funny start to the book. I'm excited to read the rest of the book. Thanks again, Nevaeh
Nevaeh B.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Jones, I love my reading pack in bad kitty I read two chapters. so far... when the dog came home the dog messed with bad kitty and kitty got mad. So Puppy had to be taken out of the house until the Kitty calms down.
Dazariha e.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Jones I love my reading pack In bad Kitty I read two chapters so far the police have given Uncle Murray two tickets for not having a leash, and not cleaning up the puppys mess. It was funny. Then the puppy and another dog they ran away .
Jeremiah L.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr. Davis-Jones, I have been reading books from my reading pack. I read Bad Kitty first. In the story Kitty was in a bad mood so puppy had to be taken out of the house. Uncle murray and the puppy went to the dog park and Puppy ran away. I think that kitty will have a better day in the next chapter.
Kelan A.
06/14/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, I love my reading books! In bad kitty, I read two chapters. Bad Kitty sees a dog and the dog likes the Bad Kitty. But Bad Kitty is very bad today. A man takes puppy to the park, but the man gets into trouble for not having a leash for puppy. Now puppy ran away. I cant wait to read more.
Lakayla Jackson
06/14/2017 dear dr DavisFffffpoiuytrewq
Michael C.
06/14/2017 dear dr DavisFffffpoiuytrewq
Michael C.
06/14/2017 Thank You Dr.Shelly Davis Jones for giving me us these books. So first of, I'm going to talk about Ghosts. SPOILERS INCOMING!!! Okay so Ghosts was a really beautiful and great book. Cat really didn't want to move to Northern California but in the end she had tons of fun. So I would advice reading this around November 1, Day of the Dead. After reading the whole book I would rate this book ***** (five stars) and 10/10. It was pretty comical, had seriousness, and taught you to get use to a new place, no matter how much you don't want o be there. So if you have the book Ghosts, I advice you buy and read it cause it is a 240 page book and is a graphic novel like Big Nate. So next I will read The Secret Science Alliance & the Copycat Crook. A 154 page book.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/15/2017 Hello fellow bloggers, Vincent is back giving you a quick summary of The Secret Science Alliance. So this book is for people who like science and superheroes. So 3 gadgeteers make a secret lab and one of their bluprints go missing. That evil scientist used their bluprints to hatch a dastardly plan. So the SSA (Secret Science Alliance) works together to stop him.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/15/2017 Dear Dr.Davis-Jones I read Ron's big Mission and Batman's Dark secret, I like them because they where fun I really liked Batman because he turned into a superhero thank you for the book Jordin
Jordin P.
06/15/2017 Dear dr cavis jones i read ron's big mission and batman secret i liked them because `threre relly sweet nice and i love them both and you . i really liked batman because his secret was when he was when he was little he was afraid of the dark thank-you for the books your friend
06/15/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, I read Ron's Big Mission and Batmans dark secret. They were great books. I liked them. Thank you, Quoyum
06/15/2017 Dear Dr Davis Jones, i really liked Batman, Big Secret. I liked it because Batman is my favorite superhero. Thank you for the wonderful book! Jayden
06/15/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Jones, today we read Batman Dark Secret. Bruce was not afraid
06/15/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, Today we read Batman Dark Secret
06/15/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, today we read batman,s Dark secret
06/15/2017 Dear Dr Today i read chapters one and two from bad kitty.
06/15/2017 Dear Dr.Davis, Today I read Bad Kitty chapters one and two. It is about puppy's big day.Bad kitty was mad one day but no one know why.So they took puppy out for a walk. Puppy found a toy spider.The they went to the dog park this dog meet puppy they had a big fight when the man came out the tree and when he looked he did not see them. I will write you more about the story tomorrow!
06/15/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, I love Bad kitty puppy big day. Its about puppy law for dogs. Bad kitty was in a bad mood. Today my favorite part was uncle murray was running around. THANK YOU
06/15/2017 Dear Dr Davis Jones, I love bad kitty big puppy day. It was about a cat that was in a bad mood and tried to fight the dog. your Friend Elijah
Elijah muhammad
06/15/2017 today we read bad kitty it was talking about a man named Uncle Murray, and his dog. a another dog came and she said wer are girl friend and boy friend the girl dog said you always need to give a gift to your girl. Its funny so far. I will write more tomorrow
06/16/2017 Dear Superintendent, thank you for the books you gave me. I really like the book My Life as a Book. It was so funny. The funny part was when he/she said... I open the attic trapdoor and hang down by my feet facing my mother like Peter Parker and Mary Jane from that Spider-Man movie, except we don`t kiss obviously. Love,kentei
Kentei G.
06/16/2017 Dear Ms. Jones thanks for the books that you gave us. I loved all of the the books you sent thanks. But I haven't had a chance to read yet ,but i love how they look.
Daniel C.
06/16/2017 Thank you for the books and I read Big Nate it was good too. It was about a kid going to surpass all others but it won't be easy will Nate win or lose? Pass or fail.
Christopher H.
06/16/2017 Dear Dr.Jones I loooooooooooove the books you gave me I am all most finish with Big Nate it was a funny book and i started to read the book inside out something like that but any way - s thanks for the books love, Fatima
06/16/2017 thank you for my book
Roderick H.
06/16/2017 Hello Dr. Shelly Davis and bloggers, I'm here to tell you about the book I've completed The Secret Science Alliance & the Copycat Crook. So I would rate this book ***** (5 stars) and 8/10. So this book as stated before, is a book for people who like science, superheroes, and action. SPOILERS INCOMING!!! So in the book Julian who is a real geek and moves to Mosburg. He then tries to act normal, but he then accidentally shows his talents and then gets accepted in the S.S.A. So when you read the book this is mainly about inventors and trying to stop the scientist Stringer. So If you read this book, this is also a graphic comic. So the next book I'll read is called Maxmilian & the Bingo Rematch. Also, esperame que hable en espanol.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/16/2017 Dear DR. Jones i had been thinking that the my life as a book is one of the stores and i really like it but it reminds me of my cousin and he don't like books at all he does the things like the book
Travon L. G.
06/16/2017 My book is Big Nate im on page54 Nate told someone to comehere and he said follow me and lead him to a hallway when they got to were Nate wanted he to go he said hold it and stay right when Nate opened the locker and a lot of stuff came out.
06/16/2017 I really like like the book thank you for the books one of the remind me of dairy of wampie kid with the paper word and the little bobbles like the books are really good so thank for the books
Terrance. S
06/16/2017 on chapter 1 it was talking about a boy named Nate and his friend Toddy and FRANCIS trying to find the best baby that is chapter 2 is about Gina and Nate for a science project for Ben and FRANKLIN THAT IS CHAPTER
Collin S
06/16/2017 Hi yesterday I read all of chapter 1 now im on chapter 2 but i did not read it i want what ever i did not read to be a surprise even if its not one i did not read nothing on chapter 2 yet because i was pretty busy but then ever time its time to go to bed i read half of Big nate until the book is over the book are nice and thank you
Heaven E
06/16/2017 my book " inside out and back again" I'm on page 63 . What i think about this book is like the girl name is H'a i feel like the girl followed her dream because after all these years she was just stuck at home so one day she packed A lot of things like her brother report card . etc . her uncle and her planed to go out . and on the picture it look like she's outside on hill by a tree and it looks likes she's joyful that's she's outside .
Mardeja. T
06/16/2017 Dear Dr.Davis I returned my library books so now I can read your books! Right now I'm reading Big Nate. I can't tell u much about it right now because I'm only on page seven, but so far everyone thinks Nate has a crush on his number one nemesis Gina because of a name that baby game on the bulletin board and Nate thought that was his crush Jenny.
Jeffery B.
06/16/2017 Dear Mrs.Davis, I just started reading Big Nate a few days ago but the page i'm on is page 15 and I really like the book it is very funny and interesting and I just enjoy the book that you gave us if it wasn't for you my grades wouldn't have gotten better in reading so that is why I am emailing you Mrs.Davis to let you know that I honestly really appreciate the things that you do for us students and the thing that you do for the schools too and I see that you put your hard work into the things you do for us and we just wanna let you know that we love you goodbye!!!!!
Kanija C
06/16/2017 Dear Dr. Davis"Big Nate" was a great book, but what happened in the book was that Nate gave his teacher an idea to put a game on their school board called " Guess The Baby " and when he picked up his worst enemy and things got ugly. So yeah the book was a very good book. Thank you for the books .
Rakiya D.
06/16/2017 My book is Big Nate Strikes again Dear Dr. Jones loved this book. Can you give me some books? The book was about Nate. He thinks Gina is a bad person. Nate don't like her because she is smarter then Nate. I think Nate is going to like Gina because they have to work as a team to get the work done.
Damon M
06/16/2017 THANKS YOU FOR THE BOOKS YAYYYYYYYYYY My BOOK IS BIG NATE STRIKES AGAIN and so far Im on chapter 2. Mrs.Godfrey gave her class a special project because they wont stop talking. She said they can be in groups and of course Teddy ,Francis and Nate wanted to be in groups together. They ask Mrs.Godfrey and she said no because shes picking groups........ Then she pick them and Teddy and Francis are partners. FINALLY Nate got pick with...................... GINA THE MOST HE HATES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE REST IS IN CHAPTER 3 HOPE TO TELL YOU IT NEXT MONDAY
Aaliyah Allen
06/16/2017 I like this to give our children a chance to prove they are ready for the next grade. Andrea reed andrea.reed43@gmail.com Accounting
06/16/2017 hi dear Dr.Shelly loved the cool big Nate book it is so cool how Nate was about to the baby bourd i like to call it .The book is the best book i have ever read so thank you so bye
06/19/2017 Ghost was a great book. It gave me the insight I never had about what it is like to have a medical problem as well as how to deal with moving to a new place. I am moving this year so it is very helpful.
Victoria Olabintan
06/19/2017 I read the book Ghost and I liked that the book wasn't small because I like reading books a lot so the longer it lasts the better I like the book. Thank you for the books I look forward to finishing the rest.
Anuoluwapo Kay Oladimeji
06/19/2017 The secret science alliance was a good book.I liked the fact that the book was relate-able and the characters were some what like me.
Victoria Olabintan
06/20/2017 Hi, Dr. Shelly Davis. I finished reading three of books I got. Today I'm blogging about "I Funny: A Middle School. I like it because in the book Jamie gets paralyzed, but he doesn't let it stop him from being a kid comic. Everyone doubts him, and he proves them all wrong. Once again, thank you for the books
Anuoluwapo Kay Oladimeji
06/20/2017 Thank you for the books. I don't really read but those books are making read more.
Jamar Richmond
06/20/2017 Hello Kids, I am so proud of all of you for taking time each day to read for enjoyment. I am amazed at some of the stories you are reading and sharing. I plan to do a raffle contest at the Back to School Carnival on Saturday August 26th. Please be present in case your name is called to win a prize. Keep on READING! Yours truly, Dr. Shelly Davis Jones Superintendent
Dr. Shelly Davis Jones
District Office Superintendent
06/20/2017 Hola a todas and Dr Shelly Davis-Jones, today I am going to talk about Maxmilian and the Bingo Rematch. So to start off, I will rate this book 7/10 and ****(4 stars). I rated this book 7/10 because it was a very good book y tenía espeñol en ella pero,how they layed out Spanish and English was pretty complicado. (Oh yeah I am speaking Medio inglés and half Spanish) SPOILERS ENTRANTE!!! So in the book Max went to the Halloween dance at school with Cecilia and at the baile, Maxmilliano entonces pregunta Cecilia to be his GF. She says yes and then Cecilia moves. Afterwards a girl named Paloma (Spanish for dove) messes with Maxmilliano porque él la robò mask. They then later meet at the lucha libre match and make up fheir mishaps there. They then wtach the Gaurdian Angel go against Heavy Metal. So in the end if you want to I learn spanish this is the book for you. Next I will mention about Fantasy League.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/20/2017 I have finished all the books you have given me so l went to my local library to collect so good reads. The first book l have read in the series of books l got is called Band Geeks: The First Chair. The book is good and very inspiring.It tells you the importance of being true to yourself and doing what you want to do instead of what someone else wants you to do as well as making friends along the way. HThe book is great and l highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to be true to themselves.
Victoria Olabintan
06/20/2017 I love the books you have given us for the summer reading challenge this year. Not only are they new books but they are also interesting. Some of the books are on topics I don't know about and some of them are familiar to me yet I will still read them.
Victoria Oklabintan
06/21/2017 Hello, this is my first time blogging but i really enjoyed reading I Funny. If I was to blog it i would say that it is 9/10 I wouldn't give it a complete because no one knows what the perfect book is but it was still great!!!
Olachi Azubuike
06/21/2017 The Books you have given us are amazing i enjoyed all the books but my favorite is The Nate book the begining about the baby pictures really cracked me up and the humor throghout the whole book made me really enjoy reading for all the wonders it insipres thank you so much for all the books. nate to me is a really cherished book i enjoyd it and even read again the art and the way the character are portrayed and descibred make me feel like im in the school watching like im in the book so for the last time thank you so much for all the wonderful books you supplied to me this year from Bolu <3
06/21/2017 Hello everyone and Superintendent, today I will give a very brief summary of Fantasy League. This book is about a 12 year old boy named Charlie who really loves football. And at school when the sports radio host plays, Charlie's Fantasy is on air for Los Angeles. Afterwards he becomes a celeb and a close friend of the owner of the L.A. Bulldogs. He then learns that living the dream, playing fantasy games, and confronting his decisions are all very different things. So the next blog I will rate this and give a down deep summary of Fantasy League.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/22/2017 Hello, Superintendent Jones, I am a former sixth-grade student from Diekman Elementary School and I am moving this summer. I would like to know if l win will l still be able to collect my prize?
Victoria Olabintan
06/22/2017 Since l finished my sixth-grade books l got the new books courtesy of Dr. Walker and l am loving them. Currently, l am reading Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie and it is great. I, unfortunately, do not have a younger sibling and this book is all about them. I sure hope my older brother doesn't feel the way Steve feels about his younger brother.
Victoria Olabintan
06/22/2017 Dear Superintendent, the other book I read was " Inside Out and Back Again". I even like all the poems. What I like the most was "Tent City", but I would live in a red tent.
Kentei G.
06/22/2017 inside out and back again is a good book im on chapter 9 i like all of the charter inside out and back again i love it.
Daniel C.
06/22/2017 dear Superintendent I finished half of my books Big Nate I read chapter 1 was so funny it not my grade but it is sill intresting. , Inside Out and Back Again again thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much
06/22/2017 Inside out and back again is an book a about poem an the new year an tad character and you .i'm on character 8 and thank you for the book
Pierre D
06/22/2017 I finished Big Nate it was good now I am on Absolutely Almost it is about a kid been an almost.He's almost smart enough to pass his spelling test too and I like this book and I will keep reading it.
Christopher H
06/22/2017 I read big Nate it so good Nate mom had a baby ate is sad about it. He what to be the onlies children.
Brylen H.
06/22/2017 Dear Dr. Davis I'm reading big Nate strikes agian I am on chapter 10 so far nate is having trouble with Gina . they lost beacase of Ginas cat . but so far so good and Gina snuck up on nate .
Alan A.
06/22/2017 Hello Dear Dr Davis, the I am reading is called ABSOLUTELY ALMOST and I loveeee that book we appreciate the books that that you gave us so i want let you know thgat i really appreciate you goodbye.
Kanija C
06/22/2017 the book is cool i read some more today and it was cool.i love it im almost done reading it.the next book im going to read is a cool one and i know ill like it matter of a fact ill love it.thanks and bye.
Taylor B.
06/22/2017 Dear Dr.Davids Im on chapter 3 and Nate is so mad that Gina is his partner and he found out that his flyer was down he mad because of that and gina is not nice every one was laughing
Aaliyah A
06/22/2017 Dear Dr. Davis,thank you for the books i really enjoyed the book.What happened was that Nate got paired with Gina and he never wanted to be partners with her because she would always ask for extra homework.My point of view is if Gina likes Nate she needs to be more nice to Nate.
Rakiya D.
06/22/2017 the book is book of my life is so good and i like so much and it is really cool and people is telling me to see it and read the book and it is really fun to readm every day and i read it at niyght to keep me sleep
travon L hudson
06/22/2017 what i like about the book that it reminds me of my family and its a very good book it has airplans in it and the book is really finny so thank you
06/22/2017 Hi even i have not been reading i still know that they are great books the whole thing about me not reading is because i been planing things with my mom but im reading today because my mom have to work so im going to be reading half of the book thank you for the books again and see ya Heaven E. washingtonl@sd149.org
06/22/2017 dear DOC jones the book is my life as a book is my favorate and it is fun and every thing
Travon L Goss
06/22/2017 My book is called Big Nate im on page 54. ever one was hee ha ha at him then when he found him he put Nate in the tulet
06/22/2017 best everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry
christopher H
06/22/2017 Hi. The book If my life was a book is a great book. I like that they made hem read . And it is so funny to me . Did you make them yourself ?
Kennedi W.
06/22/2017 I'm half way though my book " Inside out and back and Back again . the book is about a girl going outside for the first time and she liked it she was with her uncle and they want to different states love u soo much ,<3
Mar'Deja . T
06/22/2017 i really enjoy the book its so awesome like its so cool i really like reading this book so thank you
06/22/2017 Dear: Dr Jones what I read was Nate he had a major leage he was a captain of the team he had Gina on the team he was so mad because he had Gina she can not catch or throw she cant run I think Nate need to be nice to Gina.
Damom M
06/23/2017 Hello everyone, Vincent here and today I will be mentioning about the first 10 chapters of Fantasy League. So far Charlie was watching a fantasy football game preseason on TV with his friend Anna and his favorite team, L.A. Bulldogs were losing. Yet, Charlie didn't even care about it. He knew so much about the game and stats and plays that he was studying the game. So then later on Charlie met Anna's Grandpa, the owner of the L.A. Bulldogs, and he was fascinated on how much Charlie knew about fantasy football. Then at school he was playing football and saw a play that they were going to do. Afterwards he was assigned to be the assistant coach. So lastly in the 10 chapters Charlie's other friend Kevin had a dad on ESPN and Charlie and Anna made a little show that will air on ESPN, and Joe Warren, Anna's Grandpa, invited Charlie to see practice on Thursday. So Charlie and Anna were listening to the radio and thought that The Charlie Show was a success. So next time I'll be sure to talk about chapters 11-20
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/23/2017 Dear Dr. Davis Jones, today i read the book Tornadoes and Hurricanes . It was about how hurricanes and tornadoes are formed how it happens and how much people had got hurt from the . tornadoes and hurricanes and some tornadoes are SO big as ever. I'll tell you more about it soon. Sincerely, Ariell R.
06/23/2017 Dear Dr .Davies Jones today I read the Tornadoes and Hurricanes .It is about how bad a tornadoes can be, i love this book. Your Friend, Meijah
06/23/2017 Dear Dr Jones, I love the book today. I read tornadoes and hurricanes. it taught us how to be safe. It said first, swirling clouds ,rain, and wind meet . Ill write you again Your friend Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad
06/23/2017 Dear Dr. Davis-Jones, the book I read today is about how it tells us how tornadoes form and how to be safe in a tornadoes . i learned that they are dangerous and you should not be in a car when one is coming. I'm very excited about the carnival!!! hopefully I go. Your friend, Markai
Markai H.
06/23/2017 Dear Dr.Davis Jones,Today I read the book Tornadoes and Hurricanes.It was about how hurricane and tornadoes are formed.And how it happens and how many people can get hurt if they don't find shelter from the tornadoes. Now I know ways to stay safe if a tornado ever happens. Sincerely, Terrennaiya
06/23/2017 Today we read about tornadoes. When tornadoes turn green that is when you know one is coming. Sometimes when it gets gray that means there is a tornado too. I learned some ways to stay safe during a tornado. The pictures were great. Talk to you again soon. Isaiah
Isaiah C.
06/23/2017 I Iike my summer books. Thank you! My favorite book is A Big Guy took my Ball!
Halima S.
middle school student
06/23/2017 I like my summer books. Thank you! My favorite book is A BIg Guy took my Baii!
Sean N.
middle school student
06/23/2017 l like my summer books. Thank you! My favorite book is A Big Guy took my Ball.
Keiwon G.
middle school student
06/23/2017 i like my summer books,Thank! My favorite book is summer days and Nights
Savannah S.
middle school student
06/23/2017 i like my summer books. Thank you! I iike all the books.
Diondre B.
middle school student
06/23/2017 I like my summer books. Thank you so much! My favorite book is Summer Days and Night`
Courtni Odom
midde school student
06/23/2017 I like me summer books. Thank you so much ! My favorite book is Summer Days and Nights.
Tresuan Owens
middle school student
06/23/2017 I like my summer books. Thank you so much! My favorite book is summer Days and Nights.
Curina Grant
middle school student
06/23/2017 I like me summer books. Thank you so much!
Julian Sanders
middle school student
06/23/2017 I like my summer books. Thank you so much! My favorite book is summer days and Night .
Tayera White
middle school student
06/23/2017 I like my summer books. Thank you so much! My favorite book is Summer days and Night.
Jannete Solorio
middle school student
06/24/2017 The Secret Science Alliance was a great books!! I really enjoyed this book it had a very interesting ending I never would have thought that would have happened. SO AMAZING THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH C.M.B.
Olachi Azubuike
06/24/2017 Hello everyone and Superintendent, today I will be talking about the book Fantasy League chapters 11-20. So over all these chapters were about Charlie was in his last podcast and learned that his friend Kevin told his dad on ESPN that he suggested to have Tom Pinkett on the team. Everyone then has a huge fued over it and Matt Warren, the son and other owner of the L.A. Bulldogs, and Joe Warren then calls a press conference to solve the problem. Both Anna's mom & Charlie's are mad 'cause Charlie is getting put on social media and Anna's family's business is putting at risk by a boy. So the press conference happens and little laughs and most problems were solved. In the end of the chapters Anna and Charlie were talking about the next Charlie Show airing the next day. So that the end of those 10 chapters. Next I'll be mentioning about chapters 21-30. See ya soon.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/25/2017 Hello everyone and Superintendent, today I am going to talk about chapters 21-30 of Fantasy League. So overall, these chapters were about when the L.A. Bulldogs had to have Bart Tubbs on their team because one of their players were down. So Charlie had the idea to add Jack "Sack" Sutton on their team and told Joe Warren. So Joe and Matt obliged to that and Jack was officially on the team, but it costed the Bulldogs a whole chance of not going to the playoffs and it was even on the news that Charlie made the team worse. So Charlie was in a deep depression and knew what Matt & Joe goes through when deciding on players. So he decides to talk to Joe to get Jack off the team, but he believes in Jack. Afterwards Charlie then talks to Anna and starts an argument. He then apologizes but doesn't know if she really accepts it. So that was chapters 21-30. Next time we will talk about chapters 31-40. (P.S.: We are almost done with this book.) See ya next time.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/26/2017 Dear Dr. Davis-Jones,Today we read a nonfiction book called Eagles.Here are 3 facts about eagles.One fact each spring eagles follow there prey for winter.Two is that a bald eagle is not really bald it just looks like it.Three is that the bald eagle is a symbol of the United States of America.Your friend Terrennaiya
06/26/2017 Dear DR. Davis-Jones, Today we read a NON-fiction Book called eagles Here are 3 facts about eagles number 1, Fish eagles eat mostly fish. Number 2, Eagles leave their homes in winter they mus do this to Follow their Pray 3, This eagles is bald eagle other eagles look diffrent,but they have the same parts.
06/27/2017 Good Morning. Thank you for providing books for my wonderful summer school students.The students love the books. We have had many discussions about the characters, plot and how they can relate to the story and/or the characters. My goal is to encourage them to continue to read over the summer, during the school year and for the rest of their lives! Thanks again!
L. Washington
06/27/2017 Hello, Vincent here and today I'll be talking about chapters 31-43. So first off, Charlie & Joe were having a conversation about Joe's non-Hodgkin cancer and how they believe in Jack Sutton. Also Joe wanted Charlie to fully apologies to Anna, yet it still didn't work. So later on the L.A. Bulldogs & the Culver City Cardinals, Charlie's football team, have been winning so many games and Charlie's team made it to the championships. So at his championships Charlie was waiting for Joe who hadn't shown yet. So Charlie & Co. were at the field and won and as they won Joe came and seen the play that Charlie made on Sat. So the next day was the Bulldogs chance to make it to the playoffs if they win. They won and Charlie was able to make up the argument with Anna, but sadly, Joe ended up in custody as he got more and more sick. Charlie saw him again at Bulldogs practice, yet for a short time. So the Bulldogs are at the playoffs and they did the most surprising win of all in history. So that's the end of Fantasy League. Next time I will rate the book and tell the next book I read AND some info you might or might not want to hear. (for students)
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/28/2017 Hello, Dr. Davis-Jones it has been awhile since I have blogged, but that is because I have been busy working on and editing our class movie. I promise as soon as we are done today showing our movies that I will resume blogging.
Victoria Olabintan
06/28/2017 The Great Greene Heist,Varian Johnson The Great Greene Heist is about students having a debate about being class president.Throughout the story the characters overcome obstacles such as cheating and at the end Gaby won class president because of Keith being a sore looser.What I liked about the book was that the students never gave up.THanks for the books over the summer.
Randy Ponder
06/28/2017 Walter Dean Myers BAD BOY Bad Boy is about a kid that grew up in Harlem and wanted to be different then other people but always had a bad temper which i could relate and was physically strong. he was always ready to fight looks like he like reading which this is what i like about the book because i love reading to.
Marshaun Irving
06/28/2017 This year has been a great year in summer school i read a book called big Nate and Friends by Lincoln Peirce it was a great book about a boy and his friends and all there adventures
cristofer mims
06/29/2017 Dear,Dr.Jones I finish all my book it took a long time to finish Big Nate is funniest book of all of them . I also red inside out back again it was a ok book it had sad part and funny part those books were my favorite.
06/29/2017 when i was reading inside an out and it was an pones and i love an tiank for the book
Pierre D
06/29/2017 Hello again, Superintendent, it`s Kentei again, I read your book "Absolutely Almost".All I wanted to say is I loved it. From, Kentei G.
Kentei G.
06/29/2017 Hey I am read Absoluetely Almost about a boy that almost pass eveything he is like me and I like it too.
Christopher H
06/29/2017 Dear Dr.Davis-Jones, My favorite book so far this summer is snake It is about snakes in the wild. Have a great day.Your Student,Jordin
Jordin P.
06/29/2017 dear Dr davis Jones my favorite book so far summer is bad kitty it about bad kitty who was angry the kitty . aniyah thank-you
Aniyah H.
06/29/2017 dear dj. davis/jones my favorite book so for this summer is shadow and tddy
Mikey D
06/29/2017 Hello everyone and Superintendent, today I will be rating Fantasy League. So I rated Fantasy League 10/10 and *****(5 stars). I rated it that because this book was amazing and about fantasy football, and being honest, I wasn't that much of a football fan. Yet after reading this book, it kinda makes me feel like I should be watching football. Another reason why I rated the book this way was because it had a lot of suspense. So if you're a football fan, this is the book for you. Also as thsummer school programs end I'd like to say goodbye to everyone here. So have a great and safe summer.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/29/2017 Dear Dr Davis-Jones, My Favvorite Book so far This Summer is batman,s Dark Secert and It is about When Batman,s Was A little child and Thank You and have a great Day your student, ariell robinson
Ariell R.
06/29/2017 Dear DR . Davis Jones my favorite book so far this summer is puppy big day. It is about a man take has dog for a wake have a great day your student Elijah .
Elijah M.
06/29/2017 DEAR Dr. Davis the book called BIG NATE was really great thank for this book , it really helped me.
Rakiya D
06/29/2017 Dear DR DAVIS JONES my favorite book so this summer is bad kitty puppy big day its about dog rules being annoying to uncle murrey. have a great day by solomon hill.
06/29/2017 dear dr davis jones my favorite book is bad kitty it is about how the cat is very mad have a good day your student markai
06/29/2017 Dear DR. Davis-Jones My Favorite Book for this summer is bad kitty it is About a Dogs bigs day! have a great day:From Victor Pratt Real Name:Joseph Sonic
06/29/2017 Dear Dr Davis, Thank you for the books I haven't finish all of the books but I love them but again thanks
Kanija C
06/29/2017 Dear Dr Davis, Thank you for the books I haven't finish all of the books but I love them but again thanks
Kanija C
06/29/2017 Dear Dr. Davis I am still reading NARUTO and it is amazing at the point I am in the series. I just started so I cant tell u anything yet.
Jeffery B.
06/29/2017 Good Day Summer School Readers, I am so impressed with all of your blogs! I appreciate all of you taking time to share your stories with me! Your blogs make me laugh and think about times when I was a kid your age. Reading is the key to life! Every time you read you are increasing your vocabulary and your fluency. Keep up the great job and make sure you read over the summer break. I look forward to seeing you all at the Back to School Carnival on Saturday August 26, 2017 from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm. Everyone's name will be placed in our special raffle for a chance to win some cool prizes! Thank you all for participating in my Summer Reading Blog Program! We Believe. . . . Excellence, Humanization and Pride!
Dr. Shelly Davis Jones
District Office Superintendent
06/30/2017 Dear Dr Davis Jones, The books you gave us are cool they were like magic because I don't read many ghost books, but I like the Ghost book. I am going to read a book today. We read stories about Motown and In every story each it had something about Berry Gordy. Thank you for the books!
06/30/2017 Hi I am a good student but I don't want to come back here. I plan on working hard in 4th grade. I like the book Ghost because it was funny!
06/30/2017 Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, on the day that we got the books you sent we loved them, they were the best . When I opened the book it felt like I wanted to write a book. All the books were cool and I read some and they were the best, thank you.
joe l
06/30/2017 Dear Dr.Davis what I lke about reading is we get to read 4th garde books and we get to learn about motown and I read a book name Ghost it was so good!
Anaya R.
06/30/2017 Dear Dr .Davis, What I like about reading is that it was pretty awesome. I like the books you gave me. The one that I like the most was the GHOST book. It was creepy and funny!
06/30/2017 Hello Dr. Jones what I like about reading is that I get to read about Motown and I like the books you gave me and they are so good and I just wanted to say thank you.
Khaiya S.
06/30/2017 Dear Dr. Shelly Davis Jones I enjoyed Summer School because today is the last day of Summer School and I get to the rest of the summer with my mom. I also loved the books you sent me. Thank You for the books I love them and you too Dr. Shelly Davis Jones. From Kristofer .
Kristofer Creggett
07/05/2017 I am not a spoiler like Vincent, but let's just say all of the seventh-grade books I received were spectacular. I will blog more about them tomorrow because it is REALLY late at night.
Victoria Olabintan
07/27/2017 I read the first book of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid i will continue to read more of these books.
Olachi Azubuike
08/19/2017 In Inside Out &Back Again : He a 10 year old girl moves away from her traditons andfriends because suddenly the Vietnam War hits her home .See reaches America and starts a new life in Alabama as she roams it as she thinks about her life back at home but she uncovers unusaul things that she's not used to .
Chukwuebuka Odeluga
08/19/2017 I found the book, Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie, very intriguing. This book displayed the troubling obstacles, school, his band, brother's illness, and girls, of adolescent, Steven, and how he still tries to find ways to move forward. It taught me a lesson about how I should appreciate people and things in my life a little bit more because I never know when they might not be around anymore. It mad me a bit sad when Steven's family needed money for the hospital bills but they didn't have it, but then Steven and his band have a fundraiser to raise money for the hospital bills, and they end up reaching the goal at the end. This book really touched me and gave me a new perspective on life and I hope it does the same for others.
Chinaza Odeluga
Dolton Student
08/25/2017 Hello to all of my summer readers! Tomorrow is the Annual Back to School Carnival. To expedite the raffle I am placing all of your names in the basket today and I will have a central office staff member from my team pull 6 student names. The names and winners will be placed on our district website and announced at the Back to School Carnival so please make sure you are present to receive your prize. Good luck!!!! Dr. Shelly Davis Jones daviss@sd149.org District Office Superintendent
06/19/2019 Hi, this is my second year coming to the Summer school Enrichment Program AND AM SO EXCITED!!!, this journey have been very exciting for me and one of my favorites part was receiving books. Am not a really big fan of reading but when i come across a very interesting book i will be so..... eager to read it, all the books that were given to me got my attention and i liked them.My favorite book so far is FRAZZLED.its about a girl going into middle school and was nervous about it, so, I found his book so interesting because am going into middle school and i was a little nervous about it but not anymore. THANK YOU THE BOOK WAS APPRECIATED.
Oluwanifemi Ajayi
06/26/2019 I love summer school. Art and technology. The books you gave me was so good. I love the staff . I came last year and didn’t know how to make bracelets but this year I am a pro.I am thinking of starting my own company and it is going to be a jewelry company. I now know what kind of person I am. I Am A ENTREPRENEUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oluwapelumi Adegboye
Calumet City Student

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