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Summer Reading Challenge

Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones

To get your free books, purchase (2) participating Kellogg’s ...


Dear Parent or Guardian,

Experts agree that children who read during the summer months keep their reading skills sharp and are better prepared for the challenges of the next grade level. With this in mind, Dolton School District 149, is happy to provide all summer school students with books and activity sheets designed to motivate them to read this summer.

This book pack will also provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time with your child while you help to build their comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. The tips for families listed on the reverse side of this letter provide strategies and suggestions to help you make the most of summer reading opportunities. There are lots of fun ways to extend the learning and incorporate reading into vacation time!

In addition a summer reading blog will be available for students to share their stories and pictures of themselves reading on our website.  Please join us by participating on our reading blog by commenting below. We want to hear all about your child’s reading experiences. 

I hope that by exposing children to exciting books written by popular authors, featuring a wide range of engaging characters, we can encourage all Dolton School District 149 students to become lifelong readers and learners.

Dr. Shelly A. Davis-Jones



Summer Reading Tips for Parents

1. Read aloud together with your child every day.

Make it fun by reading outdoors on the front steps, patio, at the beach or park. Also, let your children read to you. For younger children, point out the relationship between words and sounds.

2. Set a good example!

Parents must be willing to model behavior for their children. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Turn off the TV and have each person read his or her book, including mom and dad.

3. Read the same book your child is reading and discuss it.

This is the way to develop habits of the mind and build capacity for thought and insight.

4. Let kids choose what they want to read, and don't turn your nose up at popular fiction.

It will only discourage the reading habit.

5. Buy books on tape, especially for a child with a learning disability.

Listen to them in the car, or turn off the TV and have the family listen to them together.

6. Take your children to the library regularly.

Most libraries sponsor summer reading clubs with easy-to-reach goals for preschool and school-age children. Check the library calendar for special summer reading activities and events. Libraries also provide age appropriate lists for summer reading.

7. Subscribe, in your child's name, to magazines like Sports Illustrated for KidsHighlights for Children, or National Geographic World.

Encourage older children to read the newspaper and current events magazines, to keep up the reading habit over the summer and develop vocabulary. Ask them what they think about what they've read, and listen to what they say.

8. Ease disappointment over summer separation from a favorite school friend by encouraging them to become pen pals.

Present both children with postcards or envelopes that are already addressed and stamped. If both children have access to the Internet, email is another option.

9. Make trips a way to encourage reading by reading aloud traffic signs, billboards, notices.

Show your children how to read a map, and once you are on the road, let them take turns being the navigator.

10. Encourage children to keep a summer scrapbook.

Tape in souvenirs of your family's summer activities picture postcards, ticket stubs, photos. Have your children write the captions and read them and read them aloud as you look at the book together.



Summer Reading Blog

Date Subject Posted by:
06/07/2016 My son has read 2 chapters and he said that his book, My Life as a Book, was so far about a boy named Dereck Fallon is a reluctant reader and he is getting forced by his mom, teacher, and reading tutor to read and learn vocabulary words. instead of reading them, he draws them because his dad and him loves to draw. He has also learned that he has to have a reading project over the summer, like my son, and he will have Ms. Williams, his teacher, again in September. And that's all my son has to say about the book. So be back tomorrow. Vincent Smith vman7907@gmail.com Dolton, IL
06/08/2016 Hello Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, it's me, Vincent, and I'm back talking about My Life as a Book and , as said earlier, I like the book and it had Derek Fallon accidentally killing his babysitter, Susan James, when he was 2 years old. It was surprising to me when finding that out and now I'm reading chapter 11 of it and it seems like he thinks he's going to accidentally kill his other babysitter, Amy, I wonder what's going to happen next in the book. So, be back in an hour or so. Vincent Smith Jr. vman7907@gmail.com
06/08/2016 I'm back. More about My Life as a Book and it's gotten a lot more tied up sense the last 3 chapters. Dereck went to Learning Camp and is trying to figure out more about Susan James. Well (again) the book seems fun and if you were at my level, no, you could read it right now, but anyways, the book has a little funny parts but not too funny. I might haven't read the WHOLE BOOK but if I could speak for everyone, I'd say this is a great book and it has little drawings to indicate what some words that you don't know mean like interrogate, envious, and lunatic. So when I'm close to finishing I'll come back. Peace my people who are reading this blog right now. Vincent Smith Jr. vman7907@gmail.com
06/08/2016 Hello Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, I'm Victoria on of the students at Diekman school. I just recently got my books and l have already started reading. l'm on one of my favorite book series book, Big Nate : Strikes Again. It's a pretty good book if you ask me. I say this because most of the books in the series are relate able to kids my age or kids in my grade level which is why l like these books so much. I feel like the books just draw you in because you have done some of these things or knows someone who has done these things before. It's like a younger version of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in a way. Well that's all for know and i will come back to blog once l get farther into the book. Coming from Victoria Olabintan those are my thoughts on the book Big Nate: Strikes Again.
Victoria Olabintan
Dolton,IL Student
06/09/2016 My favorite character is bad kitty because she is funny,lazy,and likes to sleep a lot. Plus,she always gets in trouble.She thinks the baby is a cat and she tries to do everything a cat does.
Ardon Fields
06/09/2016 Diary of a Worm My favorite character in the story was Spider. My favorite part was when the worm fell off of the tree. My other favorite part was when the worm ate his homework. My favorite picture was the worm as a baby. My other favorite picture was the one when his grandpa went to sleep.
angel douglasa
06/09/2016 Hello, it's me, Vincent, and I have a new book named Climate Change. I'm just going to give my opinion before I read the book and from looking at the title it's going to be a educational book and I don't like educational books THAT much. So I'll be blogging about that until I finish so I'll be back tonight. PEACE brothers and sisters.
Vincent Smith Jr
06/09/2016 Hello Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, I'm back about Climate Change and it is a little boring to me. I usually like books with a lot of action in it and adventure. But it is educational for teachers who wants to educate their students about climate change. And on My Life as a Book I forgot to rate it ( even though we don't have to. maybe). I'd rate that book ***** and 9/10. That's all I have to say but I'll be back and PEACE all you bloggers out their.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/09/2016 Hello again, you know me, you (hopefully) love me and I'm back about 2 books. First I thought that Climate Change was actually a boring book. It didn't amuse me or make me astonished like other books. And now that I'm finished with that book, I'm now reading a new book to me called Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce. Just from looking at the title I believe it's going to be a funny book that anuses me unlike Climate Change. So be back tomorrow and PEACE everybody!
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/09/2016 I'm back again talking about Big Nate: Strikes again. It seems like Nate will never get along with Gina and vice versa. Maybe they just are not meant to be friends. I really did enjoy the book though. I felt as if i was back in my fifth grade class all over again, so for those reason i will give it a 10/10.Big Nate will never fail me.I truly did enjoy this book and will be back again once i read Climate Change. See you soon bloggers.
Victoria Olabintan
Dolton,IL Student
06/09/2016 Hey its me again. I found out that Susan James used to be Derek's babysitter back when he was 2 years old. Once his mother told him he was shocked and I was too. It was actually a big suprise for me. I wonder what will happen next! I'll get back to you in a little while.
Kalani Collins
06/10/2016 Hello again, you know me, and you (hopefully) love me, and I'm back with (first) Big Nate Strikes Again. This book was as I predicted, FUNNY. Nate had to face his enemy GINA in the book. I actually can't blame how Nate doesn't like Gina. She asks for extra homework, a giant geek, the list goes on. I'm not going to spoil the book if you haven't read it but it's funny. (and 2nd) I also forgot to rate Climate Change. **and 3/10. Remember I'm not a super Albert Einstein times 1,000,000,000,000 added with a super geek times 1,000,000,000,000 to the 2nd power.Besides I said it one, I said it twice, and now here's the third time, it was B-O-R-I-N-G,BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So PEACE everybody and good luck with your businesses.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/10/2016 Hello again, you know me, you... YOU KNOW WHAT, FORGET BEING FORMAL I'MA JUST GET TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Nate, you know you probably love and he's got the coach role yadayadayada (no spoilers) he had Gina AGAIN yadayadayada, and stuff are really twisting. AND HILARIOUS. So not gonna be formal so ADIOS MUSTACHIOS.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/12/2016 Hello again, back with Big Nate and yesterday I read (couldn't blog yesterday) it got funnier and funnier over time. Nate was a captain on the fleeceball team and couldn't pick his players so the coach did and surprised me and Nate that he gotten good players other than Gina. She also ruined the team because he couldn't choose a name for them which Gina chose... Kuddle Kittens. I don't like it, he doesn't like it we're good.So that stood up for yesterday's blog and PEACE all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/12/2016 Hello again, and I'm back with Big Nate Strikes Again (for today's blog). In the book I actually got to see Nate and Co. play against the Killer Bees. Me and Nate thought that the Kuddle Kittens (Nat's team) was going to win but didn't because Gina pushed their mascot and caused "interference". That was dumb. REAL DUMB. Anyways he went rtjnohvtnhtp3vth5ht5v (speeding this up for ya) and Gina came over to see about the product and that's about it. other than him negotiating with her to do the project and get off the team. So PEACE my homies, homes, homs, whatever.
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/13/2016 Dear Students, I am so pleased to read all of your comments about the books you are reading. Reading is so important because almost everything you do in life involves reading. I love to read books, draw and paint. Keep on reading so you can increase your vocabulary and enhance your imagination! I look forward to reading your comments. This makes me so proud of all of you!💙
Dr. Shelly Davis Jones
06/13/2016 Hello Dr Shelly Jones I'm am about to read Absolutely Almost.But before I really start Blooging about this book I would like to say it's been a pleasure to be in your enrichment program.But now to the book.I have only read a couple of chapters but anyway so far this book has a main character named Albie. It's doesn't matter how good Albie does something good it has to be almost.Like for example he almost makes his parents proud. Ok I will try to be back on tonight.Have good rest of your afternoon Cameron Davis car7464@aol.com
06/13/2016 Hey. Just found out that Matt called Derek and told him that he went to the beach that Susan died at. Be back with more tomorrow. Bye!!
Kalani Collins
06/13/2016 Heyy I'm back. I was reading and found out that Margaret showed Derek and Carly and reading trick. The trick is imagine the book as a movie! Derek did it and actually liked the idea. He told Margaret that he would read the first chapter of one of his summer reading book if he could get out of "Fraction Friday." Be back later.
Kalani Collins
06/13/2016 I just finished reading Climate Change and l loved it. It was so interesting to me reading about how our climate can change so quickly. It's like l am learning more and more about our Earth every day. This book is now one of my go to science books, and if l do say so myself, l have quite the collection of books. If i were to rate this book l would rank it a 9/10, but that's only because i felt like it could of had more information. Other than that, this is now my go to science book.See you again next time when l finish reading My Life as a Book
Victoria Olabintan
Dolton, IL student
06/13/2016 I just found out that Derek's mom is making go to Learning Camp!!! Just because he took the monkey and put him on the dog then the house became a mess when his mom got back home. I'll be back.
Kalani Collins
06/13/2016 Hi my name is Kalani. I am currently reading the story,"My Life As A Book." I love this book I find out more and more as I read. I love the main character Derek Fallon. He is a great drawer and draws all of his vocabulary words. It's so cool to me how he does that. I'll be back later with more about this story. Bye!❤
Kalani Collins
06/13/2016 When I read the first two chapters of The Year of the Dog I learned something new. I learned what they do and eat on Chinese New Year. Also each one of the foods that they eat on Chinese New Year mean something incorporated with money. So if they eat every single one of the food they will get so rich. If I was there I would have eating a lot to get rich. Chidiogo Odeluga Ireneodeluga@gmail.com Dolton,IL
06/13/2016 HI how are you doing the people of the district office. I have only read a couple pages of the book called Absolutely Only. So far its really on about kid named Albie,it seems like no mater how good Albie does good on a task it always almost good at it.But thats really all I can tell you I haven`t got into alot of chapters yet. About every four maybe three chapters I will start blogging.Also I go to Carol Moseley Braun. Im in the 5th grade. have a good rest of your afternoon. Cameron Davis car7464@aol.com
06/13/2016 the bad kitty meets the baby My favorite characters are the kitty and the puppy. My favorite part is when the baby came to the house. The funniest part is when the kitty feel out the tree.
mikalah wilson
06/13/2016 My name is Syir. bad kitty meet the baby Favorite Parts of the Book -when Murry called the fire department. -when the baby eats healthy. -when they carry a refrigerator. -when Murry gives facts -when they played -when they said "what the heck is that?" is was the baby.
06/13/2016 Lost in bermooda First a hu'man swam to an island and got scared by a cow. He asked, "who are you/" The cow pointed an oar and made the hu'man cry. He asked for his name, It was Dakota. my favorite character is the hu'man, Dakota. The best part was when Dakota was crying.
jakyla grant
06/13/2016 My name is Victoria, and i am here looking to blog to Dr. Shelly Davis Jones. I just recently got my summer reading books, and I have started to fill out my journal and worksheets. At this moment l am reading a book called " Big Nate :Strikes Again". It is quite an interesting book and some of the parts l feel like me and/ or my friends can relate to. Most especially the not getting the partner you want part. That's it for now, l will blog again soon , but for now have a nice day.
Victoria Olabintan
15214 hastings dr Student
06/13/2016 I read the book Once Upon a MOTORCYCLE dude and I read the whole book and I liked that it was two stopries in one. It suprised me that thje story was like two different stories
Chidiogo Odeluga
06/13/2016 I read two more chapters and Dereck has been searching in the attic and he has discovered that Susan James died when he was 2 years old and I think it was real cool and I couldn't stop reading so I'll tell you more about this cool book when I get home. Bye Vincent Smith vman7907@gmail.com
06/13/2016 Today my daughter has read the whole book of , Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude. She thought that having the story being like two different stories in one was like her imagination went wild with a princess and a motorcycle dude. Once she answered the questions she could remember the book without looking back in it because she read it three times. Chidiogo Odeluga ireneodeluga@gmail.com
06/13/2016 My daughter Khaiya was so excited about receiving her summer reading books today!!! She said she'll be reading A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds first! We'll be back tomorrow to talk about it. Bianca Boyd bmb708@gmail.com Dolton
06/13/2016 My son is already reading and he can't blog because he can't use the internet for a week, so I'll blog for him. Every 2 chapters he finish I'll blog for him. So here we go. Vincent Smith vman7907@gamil.com Dolton, IL
06/14/2016 In The Year of the Dog I read some more chapters and I found out that if you don't sleep your parent's will have a long life. So Lissy and her sisters didn't want to go to sleep so their parents can have long life. But their mom said that they had to go to sleep because they had school the next day. They stayed awake until they fell asleep. When it was time to go to school they didn't wake up so their mom woke them up so they won't be late for the the start of the new year. I can't wait to read the rest of the book.
Chidiogo Odeluga
06/14/2016 Hello Summer Reading Bloggers, Wow! All of you are doing a great job reading your books. Most of your books are fun and interesting. I am learning about some of the things you are sharing with me from your books. I had no idea that in China people eat rich foods.
Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones
District Office Superintendent
06/14/2016 Hello again and instead of talking about Big Nate Strikes Again, I'm here to wrap it up in a cover, give my FINAL REVIEW on it and rate it. ( Also talk about the next book I'll be reading and blogging about.) So Nate Wright and Gina turns in the project but at Nate, Gina and my shock they got an F because Gina wasn't reading directions of the project but Nate saves her by turning in his comics. Same thing happens with Nate in fleeceball. Nate gets hurt and Gina surprisingly saves the day. Now the book was funny, had adventures, and did some dumb stuff in it. So I'll rate it (imagine a drum roll)...*****and 10/10. So now that that book is finished I'll now be reading Absolutely Almost. I've read it before but forgot some of the book. It's probably funny but for now PEACE all you entrepreneurs. (and teachers, principals, superintendent, and so on so forth)
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/16/2016 I am reading Big Nate and I just started and I think this will be a good book I will get back to you when I have read a little more. Bye.
Kalani Collins
06/16/2016 I read Big Nate. It was amazing. I LOVE BIG NATE.I love summer school
Jeremiah Fizer
06/16/2016 Sup. I'm here about the book Absolutely Almost. In the book, I'm reading about a boy named Albie and he's at home doing nothing.( That's it I'm done) He's just eavesdropping on his mom and grandpa. (Still boring) And then his grandpa talks about a stone. (I will quit in 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then his mom says he's not a stone. (OKAY I'm in)
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/16/2016 Hi Dr. Shelly Jones Davis.Ok I just recently found out that Albie have went to the front door to answer the front door of the pizza delivery guy . Albie mom said you can tip the guy more than five dollars.I will be back on tommorow. Cameron Davis car7464@gmail.com
06/16/2016 Hi Dr.Shelly Jones Davis thank you for getting those books for us.So I read a book called Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude the book was very funny😂.The book was mainly about a girl and a boy and they had to do a project.They had to make a book report on a story so they were telling the story along the way.So the girl was talking about a princess and the boy was talking about a motorcycle dude.The genre of the book is realistic fiction.If I were you I would read this story.The book is entertaining.I just wanted to make a blog before I go to bed.
Eden Houston
Berger Vandenberg Elementary School A student
06/17/2016 I read more of The Year of the Dog and I learned something new. I learned that most people in China are named after a food. Like if your name is Albert in China it will mean cooking duck. See later on more news about my book.
Chidiogo Odeluga
Dalton,IL Stdent
06/17/2016 Hi this is Bianca and Khaiya back to talk about the book A Suitcase Is A Suitcase for Seeds. First of all the title alone just ticked Khaiya! She asked how on earth can a fruit be a suitcase lol? Well as she began to read and quickly found out. She learned about many fruits have seeds that often travel to other places once they're planted. She learned some fruits have many many seeds while some fruits have one big seed which is called a pit. Khaiya also read that some vegetables are actually fruits because they have seeds such as tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. Some fruits even carry their seeds on the outside like strawberries and raspberries. So she has learned quite a bit about fruits and the seeds that they carry with them in their "suitcases." Bianca Boyd Bmb708@gmail.com Dolton,IL
06/17/2016 I'm sorry I got the title wrong on the last post. The name of the book is called A Fruit Is A Suitcase For Seeds! Bianca Boyd Bmb708@gmail.com
06/21/2016 Hello and I'm finally back from a few days here about Absolutely Almost. It had a little funny parts and was pretty interesting. Albie's real name is Albin, his friend is now on TV, he has a "nanny/babysitter" named Calista, and a lot of things happened.It's really gotten me all tied up in words to. So PEACE and be back in a few days. (2-3 days)
Vincent Smith Jr.
06/23/2016 II just read the story Wonder Horse. I really think it is a nice story about a horse that was very smart and that could read, write and could pick out stories. I wish there were more stories just like that!
06/23/2016 i like the honey bee book. thank you for the books!
deja williams
NBLA 2nd grade
06/24/2016 Dear. DR Davis I Funny was a good book i hope that you can give us some more books thank you for the books
JDenn Pritchett
summer school student 7th grader
06/24/2016 HI Dr. Davis Jones My name is kenneth Thomas This summer I read a lot of books. My favorite book so far has been Pan Pals the reason why i love This book is because... Katie was hopping that her pen pa wil be a girl and she was right! From , Kenneth D. thomas Jr.
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Davis-Jones.My name is Aniyah Sanders.This summer I have read a lot of books! My favorite book so far has been Stink and the Shark sleepover.The reason why I love this book is because......It is so funny and good. My favorite part was when Stinks mom and dad did not come home and he was afraid of the dark. Thank you for all of those books, they are great! From Aniyah Sanders.........
Aniyah Sanders
06/24/2016 HI Dr.Davis - jones my name is Donte this summer I have read a lot of books. My favorite book in my book pack was Sharks! I really love this book because it was all about sharks. It was interesting and the pictures were amazing. the reason why I like this book is because it is all about sharks and the part I love was the pups, those are baby sharks. Thank you, love Donte
06/24/2016 DEAR DR. DAVIS JONES MY NAME IS DIAMOND THIS SUMMER I HAVE READ A LOT OF BOOK . MY FAVOR ITE BOOK SO FAR HAS BEEN DIARY OF A WORM it was in my book pack that I got from summer school. The reason why i love this book is because it is funny and i love when the worm eats his homework. Thanks so much for the books! Diamond W.
06/24/2016 Reading Big Nate was fun because of the funny jokes
New Beginnings full time student
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Davis Jones, My name is Damiya Bass. This summer I have read a lot of books! My favorite book is Amelia Bedelia. I like it because it is so funny and I want to read more books by this author. Thank you for the books, your friend, Damiya Bass
Damiya Bass
06/24/2016 Dr.Davis Jonse. i realy like those books they are intersting to me.
Chimere Clark
Summere School ( New beining)
06/24/2016 Dear Mrs. Jones Thanks You For These Books You Gave Me. The Books You Gave Me Or Us It Was Good Specially iFunny Thank You For The Books Love You.
Christopher Cox
Summer Schoool Student 7th Grader
06/24/2016 Dear Dr. Shelly Jones Davis, I really like the books i'm already on my second book and chapter 2 i think they are a great time killer and i'll keep reading. Thank you very much.
Correy Wright
Summer School (New Beginnings)
06/24/2016 thank you for the books! i read the whole package! i espically loved big nate. thank you again dr. shelly davis
prince ester
new beginnings learning academy full time student
06/24/2016 Dear Dr Davis I read the book I Funny im on chapter 12 and so far it was about a boy named Jamie Grimm who had a wild imagination.The story was extremely funny.It was also about that when he imagined his city he imagined the people as being zombies.Also people talked about him because he was in a wheel chair.Jamie has friends who care about him no matter what and he wanted to be a comedian. Jalon Bass bassjalon043@gmail.com summer school student 7th grader
06/24/2016 Dear Mrs. Dr Jones Thank You For these books for the summer. These books you gave us hepled me with my vocabulary some of these words in this book i never heard of before but now. Ms.Blackmen even said that this book was really funny but in my mind it wasn't all that funny. But other wise that book was pretty good. The book was pretty long. When i got to chapter 12 the book started boring but other wise it was a good book..... Thank You Christopher Cox Arae.chris13@gmail.com Summer School Student 8th Grade
06/24/2016 Dear, Dr.Jones I'm liking the summer book IFunny,spy school,three times lucky,and from the mixed-up files of Mrs.basil E. Frank Weiler this books are for us type of kids the books we got to do a book report on Ifunny im on page 44 that be is so funny to might to other people but to me and this book called The Pool Party Black Lagoon the boy is to funny book I love this book From The mixed-Up Files Of Mrs.Basil E. jamie was gambling for him and his sister can leave.
Jay'Quan Watkins
summer school 7th student
06/24/2016 Dear Dr Davis can you pleas send some more good books like I Funny.Next can you send books like Goose Bumps.Then can can you send books that are real scary and funny at the same time.After that can you send books that are really good and scary.Last can you just send more and more books
JDenn Pritchett
summer school student 7th grader
06/24/2016 Dear Dr. Davis This book The Invitation to a Pool Party. This book is about a little boy name Hubie who was chuby. He had got an invitation from school and it was a pool party. He didn't want to go because he don't know how to swim. He told his mom and his mom said he gonna take swimming lessons. Hubie didn't want to because he afraid of water. So his mom signed him up to take swimming lessons. Mr.Sharky was the teacher who teaches them how to swim. Mr.Sharky told him to get in the water and Hubie was still scared. Then the next day it was the day of the party and Hubie still didn't know how to swim, Mr.Sharky said to him he was an Olympanian. After he said that to him he decided to get in the water and start kicking his legs and swinging his arms and started swimming.
Kierra Johnson
summer school student 7th grader
06/24/2016 the book that i'm reading is called from the mixed up files of Mrs. basil e Frankweiler the book is about a girl named Claudia and her brother Jamie one Claudia day she ran away from home with Jamie to the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City while on the on there way to NYC Jamie started to gamble on the bus with his friend Bruce, Jamie rise up 24 Dollars and 75 cent but when they got to the Metropolitan Claudia and Jamie had to sleep in on a bed in of Maria Antoinette but i haven't that far.
Ahmere Spann
Student 7th
06/24/2016 hcv,gvhgv
rahsaan newman
4543 south kind drive student 7 grade
06/24/2016 Dear Dr Davis Jones Thank you for the books you have gave us i finshed one book and the name of the book is called the pool party from the black lagoon it was a very good booked and it taught people to over come their fears because in the book it was a boy named hubie and he was scared to swim so over all at the end of the story he learned how to swim and it was a funny book .... Thank you
Paradise Angline
Summer School
06/24/2016 Dear dr davis thanks for the summer books u gave us i really like them i read this book called the pool party from the black lagoon its about a boy name hubie and how he is scared to swim he knows a girl at his school name penny and she invited him to a swim party so hubie was still scared so he ask his mom for a swim lesson and she sign him up for one so the swin teacher name mr sharky and he wanted to help so comes to find out penny doesnt have a big pool i really love the book thanks .......
06/24/2016 Hi Dr Davis- Jones. My name is Marquel Wells. This summer I have read a lot of books. My favorite book so far has been Bad Kitty. This is a fourth grade chapter book. The reason why I love this book is because kitty hates the baby because she thinks its a dog from the game show. But the cats thinks that she a cat and the other part is when the dog shows up and Bad Kitty hates it. Thanks for giving me these books, they are amazing. From Marquel
Marquel Wells
06/24/2016 Hi Dr.Shelly Jones this summer I read a lot of books. My favorite book was Bad Kitty.The reason why I love this book is because I loved how kitty thought that baby was a dog and she hates the dog. Kitty's fiends like the baby . I'm not finished with the book yet, but Ill write you when I finish and tell you the ending. Please write me back. And thanks again for the books. Love, Joshua
Joshua Scott
06/24/2016 hi Dr.Shelli Davis-Jones- my name is Aniyah Buford. This summer I read Alot of books. My favorite books so far has been Amelia Bedelia and wonder horse the reason why I love these books because I love Amelia Bedelia. I like how she dosen't understand common things that people say. Wonder Horse was also interesting because the horse grew up to be really smart. One question for you. Which story do you love best? Love, Aniyah Buford, Berger-Vanderburg School
Aniyah buford
06/24/2016 Dear Dr. Jones the book we read was the pool party from the black lagoon it is about this boy named Hubie that's invited to a pool party but the thing is he dont now how to swim so he want to take swimming lessons so the first lesson is to jump into a ocean.So the next day Hubie mom takes him to the public pool but he thinks the pool is one big garbage can his instructor Mr.Sarky will show you how to swim. arvell branch brancharvell@gmail.com summer school 7 grade
06/24/2016 Dear Dr. Davids The book that i read was called The Pool Party. The story took place at school when the character Hubie got asked to go to Penny's pool party. Hubie really wanted to go, but he did not know how to swim so, Hubie's mother put Hubie in swimming lessons so that Hubie could learn how to swim ,but Hubie did not even want to get in the water for swimming lessons so he read the sign that said before entering the pool take a shower so Hubie went to take a shower and started comparing it to the shower he takes at home. Then, Hubie learned to swim, when he learned to swim he start having problems because he thought his body was not good because he did not have any muscles. Then, he got a bad sun-tan and his mother took him to the doctor because he was all red. After hubie went to the doctor he went to Penny's pool party an saw that Penny had a small pool that do not have much water in it. Thanks for the books! Sheila Pettiford Sheilajackson913@gmail.com summer school student 7th grade
06/24/2016 Dear Dr.Davis Jones The pool party from the black lagoon was a good book to me. The book was about a boy who was afraid of getting in water if it was a pool,shower,or the beach.penny was a girl that goes to his school and she was throwing a pool party. Hubie wanted to go so bad but at the same time he was disapointed that it was a pool party.His mom shortly sent him to a swimming camp .His swimming coach was mr.sharky,he was going to teach him to over come his fear of swimming. When he got out he had no fear of swimming any more. Shortly after he went to pennies pool party and comes to find out,it was a little inflatable pool. But he is happy he over came hid swimming fear. Hubie always found a problem, for example,after he over came his fear, he thought that he was scrawny. He found a tv show that got him to order a mechine to make him buff,but when it came, it was only 2 rubber bands and one of them broke. Hubie always saw a problem and never saw any good in things.
rahsaan newman
4543 south king drive 7th grade student
06/24/2016 "The Pool Party From The Black Lagoon" is a book about a little boy named Hubie. Everything is normal for Hubie until he gets to school. Hubie's school friend Penny announced that she is having a pool party and the whole class is invited. He do'sent want to go because, He is afraid of water. When Hubie hears that Penny is having a pool party he automatically do'sent wanna go. His mom insisted to enroll him in swimming lessons. Hubie goes to his first ever swimming class. he takes baby steps to going into the water. First, he goes on the first ever step with his water wings on his arms. Then, he eventually go deeper into the water from his knees, to his belly button, and finally holding on to the side of the pool and kicking. Hubie lets go of the side and swims all over the shallow end. By the end of the week Hubie has jumped into the deep end and swam across the whole pool. He has forgotten his fear of water, won a certificate and has overcome it. Afterwards, Hubie did not like how he looked in swim trunks. He saw an ad on tv to get muscles, he bought the package. Hubie started working out in hope to gain muscles. Hubie then again looked in the mirror and noticed he is very pale. He then went to the store and bought spray on tan. He wanted to be ready for pennys pool party, when he arrived he walks around the house to the backyard. Everyone is in their bathing suits standing around a small, aboveground, inflatable, empty pool. One of his classmates had did a cannonball and splashed all the water out of the pool. Penny's party wasnt a pool party anymore it was a slip and slide party. After all the sliding and sprinklers Hubie told everyone he was a great swimmer and had the certificate to prove.
Kendall Brooks
Calumet City IL 7th grade student
06/24/2016 Dear Dr.Davis the pool party from the black lagoon was about a little boy name Hubie that did not know how to swim. On one day Hubie was at school and penny was having a pool party everyone was happy expect for Hubie. Hubie was not happy at all because he was the only one who did not know how to swim. On that same Hubie went home and told his mom about getting invited to penny sleep over and Hubie mom didn't think it was a problem but Hubie told his mom that he did not know how to swim. So on the next day Hubie mom took him to get swimming lessons. While Hubie was getting swimming lesson Mr.sharky said that he could be in the olympic. After swimming lesson knew how to swim. But when Hubie got home he looked in the mirror and said that he looked weak then Hubie sat on the couch and was watching TV and Hubie saw a something about how you can get stronger. So then Hubie went to go ordering it. Then the next day it came but it didn't work out so well because he didn't see a different. So he sat back down on the couch and saw another commerical and it said that do you want to be tan and Hubie said yes and went out to go buy it. When he came back he put all over him before he went to the pool party and his mom asked why are you said why are you so orange. Hubie finally went to the pool party and relized that the pool was not big. But when he got there a boy had jump in the pool and made all the water come out. So after all they still got wet and had fun Hubie showed his friend his certificate to show that he was a good swimmer.
Joneshia Travis
calumet city il student 7th grade
06/24/2016 I have been reading cause i needed help with reading.summer school is fun i like it so much teachers help you.summer school is like summer camp summer school is fun and summer camp.Although i have not read any other books that you gave,i have been reading in summer school. Ronnie Johnson Ronnie@gmailyahoo.com NBLA summer school Student
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Davis- Jones . My name is Porsha Lewis. This summer I have read a lot of books! my favorite book so far is Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild. The reason why I love this book is because its about how Amelia Bedelia gets really sick and cant go to the zoo. In the story the funniest picture of the story was when she had a dream that all her stuffed animals were alive and she got to go to the zoo. Love, Porsha
Porsha Lewis
06/24/2016 DR.DAVIS-JONES I have read big nate big but I'm not done but i will get back to you
06/24/2016 i really like the books . Thank you
Tristan Payne
NBLA 2nd grade
06/24/2016 I have been reading the book Big Nate.I like this book because its very interesting.Its advanturious and makes you want to do some of the things he does.It improves my vocabulary and tells me better ways to say things. Thanks for the books it will keep me occupied this summer, so once again,THANK YOU! Tayvian Ester tayswaraze12@icloud.com NBLA summer school
06/24/2016 Dr. Shelly Davis Jones,I was reading BadKitty hates the baby because she thought that the baby was the dog the whole time and kitty made a show for the dog. by travon
Travon Hudson
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Davis-Jones, My name is August. This summer I read so many books. My favorite story so far has been Wonder Horse. The reason why I love this book is because it is based on a true story and the horse was very smart. I loved reading this book because his owner was a free slave and he was very good with animals. I felt like after reading this book it made me smarter in my brain. You should read this book because its a true story. Would you? Yes or no? Love, August
06/24/2016 thank you for the books 1
chaselyn noble
2nd Caroline Sibley students
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Davis Jones. my name HeavenEison this summer I have read a lot of books. my favorite book so far has been amelia bedelia and horrible harry because i love the way she don't now what they mean and she do the opposite of what they said do. and for horrible harry. he like to be mean to a lot of people and he is very very bad. do i have a question for you !!! what is you'r favorite book??
Heaven Eison
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Davis-Jones, My name is Nyzir Duncan. This summer I have read a lot of books. My favorite book so far has been Bad Kitty meets the baby. The reason I really love this book is because the cat lives by himself; the owner got a dog. The cat did not like the dog and the cat thinks that the dog smells bad. The dog is really a baby that is the twist. ttyl, Nyzir
06/24/2016 Hi Dr. Shelly Jones I read Bad Kitty is a funny book.Bad kitty thinks the baby was a dog, but the other kitty thinks it was a kitty. I haven't read the whole book yet,but I will tell the rest later. LOVE, Jeffey
Jeffrey Cray
06/24/2016 Hi, Dr. Davis Jones my name is Mardeja Thomas . this summer I have read a lot of books this summer my favorite book was wonder horse . I love the book because it had a very smart horse even though the legs came out twisted she was very smart . It was VERY VERY VERY VERY SAD !!! Because her mom had passed away when she had her birth .And it was based on A true story .What was you favorite book to read when you were a kid ? love ,Mardeja thomas
Mar'Deja cox - thomas
06/24/2016 Hello to All My Children, I am so happy that everyone is reading and blogging. Please continue to share your stories and continue to read everyday. You all know that when you read you build your vocabulary and learn new words. Thank you all for joining me in this venture. Have a great weekend! Dr. Davis-Jones
Dr. Shelly Davis Jones
District Office Superintendent
06/27/2016 Good morning, The book I read BAD KITTY,IT was a very good book .What happen first is the kitty was all alone.
Mario Mckay
NBAL student
06/27/2016 Good morning, I read the book bad kitty meeets the baby it as about kitty baby sitting the baby and having a really bad time until...uncle mury came. Sinserly,Meleah
Meleah Calahan
NBLA student
06/27/2016 Good morning' My name is Jordan Petty I read bad kitty. The book was cool because the cat thought the baby was a dog. There were so many cats some had to much fur.
Jordan Petty
NBLA student
06/27/2016 Hi Dr.Davis.Jones, I read one of the book . I forgot the title but ,my name is Anton Webb and i think it was called something about a kitty. It made me feel good and funny. My parents and I read the book and we read it ever night. When the cat thought that the dog was a baby I had bad dreams. I'm almost done reading it but, when I'm done I'm sure I will be happy.
Anton Webb
NBLA Student
06/27/2016 GOOD MORNING, I read a book but I forgot the title . I really like the book. The book was about a a sunny day and it a big house. There was a mother, father and a prince and they all was living in the big house.The prince was about to become king in a week . The prince was very scared because nobody liked him in town but, he wrote a story and made a song.He became a king and live happliy ever after. THE END LOVE,BRITTANY INGRAN
brittany ingram
NBLA sudent
06/27/2016 Hi,Dr.Shelly Davis Jones, I'm Elijah and I read 'Hold Fast'. I'm still reading it but, it was good so far.That is the only book I've read. Sincerely, Elijah Holmes
Elijah Holmes
NBLA student
06/27/2016 Dear Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, I LOVE the books you have given to me and I am almost done with my second book. My first book was The Year Of The Dog and it was pretty interesting and I am so, so, so, grateful for all the books that were sent to me on behalf of you for my entertainment and reading skills. THANK YOU
Ivy Hampton
NBLA student
06/27/2016 Hi this is Antonio Balderos.i have been in NBLA for 6 years and so i am in summer school. My teacher handed out a packet and I read all of the books and they are very good. Thank you.
NBLA student
06/28/2016 Bad kitty Meets the Baby The cat was eating his food. Then he was playing with his yarn for a while and he went to sleep. He woke up and scratched the couch up and the uncle came over to help with the baby.
Daveon Myles
NBLA Student
06/28/2016 Dear Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, I read 2 books. The Bad kitty meets baby and anther book that I did not remember the tittle but, it was about a boy that found. a wallet. A little girl said no and she took it and so on. I love all the books I am reading my 3 book . Thank you for the books. I love them and I read them to mylittle brother the books. THANK YOU
Mlissa Favela
NBLA student
06/28/2016 Dear Dr.shelly Davis Jones, I love the books I got I all ready read two books the Bad kitty meats Baby ,and the other book that I
NBLA student
06/28/2016 Good morning, The car one got me worried have the book because it was so crazy and every thing happened so fast. I forgot the name of the book but it is a really good book. I am going to read books this summer.
Dorien Glenn Hinton
NBLA student
06/28/2016 Dear Dr.Shelly Davis Jones, I like the books that you give us in summer school. I liked one of the books in it is the Bad Kitty Meets. it was a great book and I love all of them but that was the best book i read and it was very good.
Kennedi Wilbon
NBLA student
06/29/2016 Dear Dr. Shelly Davis Jones, how are you, I'm fine , I read the book about bad kitty and the dog.He had to take care of the dog for uncle murry.And then when murry came back he got the dog and some how it ran away.what will happen next... by ;meleah calahaan
Meleah Calahan
new beginings student
06/29/2016 Hello, my name is Meleah Calahan I read the book called monster hunt it was about creatures like komodo dragon,horses,Lastly the gorilla to hunt the animals and kill them
Meleah Calahan
new beginings student
06/29/2016 I l love the books.a lot. Can have some more? Thank you
Reshad Hudson
NBLA 2nd grade student
06/29/2016 i love the book a lot . Thank you
Heaveniy Jones
NBLA 2nd Grade student
06/29/2016 i love the books. The books you gave me were fun. Thank you
piper sanders
NBLA 2nd grade student
06/29/2016 I love the books they are awesome! Thank you
Khaiya SmithBmb
NBLA 2nd grade student
07/18/2016 How you get the books?
06/22/2017 I read the book bad kitty and the dog.He had to take kare of the dog for uncle murry come back he got the dog and some how ti ran away. i wonder what will happen next.
08/19/2017 I found the book, Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie, very intriguing. It really moved me about how an adolescent had to endure many obstacles, school, band, brother's illness, and girls, in his life, but still kept moving forward in life. It taught me how to really appreciate and love the people in my life because I don't know whether they'll be there forever. I was very sad to know that Steven's little brother had cancer and that his family didn't have the money to help him get treatment. In the end I was happy that the fundraiser for Steven's brother was a success. I now look at life differently and I hope that this book has done the same to others as well.
Chinaza Odeluga
Dolton Student

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