November 15, 2014 has been designated as "School Board Member Day" in Illinois. We salute our School Board Officers and Members for all they do!!!

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Office of the Superintendent

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Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones

Dear Parents/Guardians: Enterovirus 68 (EVD-68) is a rare viral infection which can cause fever, runny nose, skin rash, mouth blisters or body and muscles aches. While the severity of the condition can be as minimal as symptoms of the common cold, children with asthma or other respiratory problems are at a greater risk for symptoms that could lead to difficulty breathing or an infection in the heart or brain. By the recommendations set forth by the CDC, we are asking parents to make sure students are properly washing hands and clean areas where children could potentially spread illnesses. The first confirmed reports of EVD-68 of the virus came from health departments in Chicago and Kansas City, but it has now been confirmed in forty three states. The vast . . . read more

Board President's Message

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Mrs. Darlene Gray Everett

“AGREE TO DEGREE” “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”~ Nelson Mandela My name is Darlene Gray Everett, School Board President. Our board of education is committed to making sure our students understand the importance of education. Our teachers and . . . read more

Congratulations to the Dolton School District 149 School Board Members

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The Illinois Association of School Boards has dedicated November 15, 2014 as School Board Members Day in Illinois.  This is a time to show our appreciation and an opportunity to better understand how boards work together to provide leadership for schools.  On Thursday, November 13, 2014 during our regularly scheduled board . . . read more

Current Highlights

Parent Town Hall Meeting

On behalf of the Board of Education where Mrs. Darelene Gray Everett is the Board President and Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones is the Superintendent we would like to thank everyone that came out to the the Parent Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.  We look forward to working with each and every parent, community member and . . . read more

PARCC Assessment Resources

PARCC/Pearson Website   read more

Zaner-Bloser Resources

  Strategies for Writers Free Resources Six Traits Downloadable Resources Writers Test for Conventions and Skills         read more

S.T.E.M. Academy Students are Designing and Creating a School Courtyard

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"Designing and Creating a School Courtyard" is the S.T.E.M. Academy's 2014-2015 8th grade project that carries out Superintendent Dr. Shelly Davis Jones' mission of bringing Project-based Learning to the middle schools in School District 149.  The S.T.E.M. Academy 8th grade students will soon be creating 3-D . . . read more